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sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Reputation, ethics and blogs

I have been thinking about this and I realized that the main reason of why many politicians do not like blogs is their reputation. It has to do with being criticized without any respect to them. There you are free to tell them: I do not agree, I do, You should do it better… and indeed their public opinion will increase or decrease. Also, in some countries they get exposed to security issues. However, this is nothing new because they are exposed every day at every time. Perhaps the problem is deeper: many people do not take this as a “right” to talk with them and instead threat other people, most of the time the politician. They need to learn some ethics.

So, I repeat: are we ready for blogging with the Party or the Ministry? Or do we need to read a book of how to behave on the Internet? I guess that as long as we don’t learn to respect each other, no comments will be allowed in many webs. And they would be really boring since feedback is the most important aspect about blogging. It would be useless if La Moncloa, The White House, the PP had a blog just for sharing pictures or news. We need to let them know many things. But before that happens: we must learn to blog and that implies being ethical too. As always, the education is the key to many social problems. Blogs are new, but educaction and ethics are not.

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